May 7, 2012

The tourism blogger Roser Goula also recommends Melon District

roser goula

A few weeks ago Roser Goula, author of the travel blog “Sempre Viaggiando“, had visited the residence of Melon District Marina.

Roser described herself in three words: Enthusiastic, Entrepreneur and Traveler. Since 2010 she decided to become a travel blogger, and start sharing her experiences, so somehow she helps travelers to plan their trips. Roser had also participated in several tourism exhibitions as a travel blogger.

Throughout reading her blog “Sempre Viaggiando“, we realized that she is a very interesting person and that she helps the traveler community to take advantage of her experience, that’s why we’re glad that she came to know Melon District and shared her impressions through her blog and twitter account @rosergoula.

We invite you to visit her blog and to follow her posts related to tourism issues, blogging, destinations, accommodation, etc.

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