March 28, 2012

Daniel Ruiz author the blog “” visited Melon District

On March 16th, we had a visit from a new blogger in the residence of Melon District Marina, this time was Daniel Ruiz from

I like to share my experiences and opinions on travel, tourism marketing, blogging, destinations, holidays, flights, cruises, hotels, travelers, adventure and anything else that you think may concern” by Daniel Ruiz.

Nowadays people like to have an opinion from other users or travelers who have tried a product, service or destination and they like to read about their experiences. This is the reason why we think it’s important that someone like Daniel Ruiz, who besides working on marketing online , he’s also dedicated to travel and share his experiences, has came to visit the residences of Melon District and has written his impressions on his blog. had its first post in December 2009 and to date has managed to get up to 700 followers on his twitter account @viajares and has also been gaining fans in their facebook.

If you haven’t read any of his advices we invite you to visit his blog and follow his posts related to tourism issues, blogging, destinations, flights and adventure.


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