June 2, 2014

Midsummer Festival in Barcelona

The Night of Sant Joan, here in Barcelona is known as “La nit de Sant Joan” (in Catalan) or “Nit del Foc” (Night of Fire), and is the party which marks the beginning of the summer or officially known as the June solstice also referred to as Midsummer. It is an ancient festival and is celebrated in many parts of Europe, but specially in Spain, Portugal (Fogueiras de São João), Norway (Jonsok), Denmark (Sankthans), Sweden (Midsommar), Finland (Juhannus) and the United Kingdom (Midsummer), however each region has its own traditions

Here in Barcelona, is often a cheerful and funny night where people go out to celebrate on the streets or the beaches until the sunrise. There is no specific site where they do some celebration, but most people gather on the beach where additional bars are set up, and the “chiringuitos” (beach bars) turns up the music. There are also DJ’s and bands playing around, beach bonfires and fireworks going on at the beginning of the night.

The celebration of this festivity is also made in different districts of the city, where outdoors parties are held, and it is often to find firecrackers.

It’s a magical night that Barcelona lives fiercely because it is one of its biggest celebrations of the year.. The lodging reservations at the hotels or youth hostels of the city are often made in advance to find a place. We suggest you to go to the website of Melon District residences for your next booking accommodation in Barcelona

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