June 25, 2014

Journeys from Barcelona for just 2 euros

A trip Toulouse – Barcelona or vice versa  for 2 euros seemed to be something unimaginable until a few days ago when the company megabus.com added this journey on its list over 100 destinations throughout Europe and the UK.

In 2003 the company was first launched in the UK, then North America and now Europe including Barcelona, ​​Toulouse, Rotterdam, Cologne, Amsterdam Paris and Brussels.

It seems that this company is revolutionizing the transportation niche market that was recently developed with SNCF, thanks to this low cost bus service.

This bus service is perfect for students or people who want to travel low cost (despite the journey time), and not staying at home during the holidays.

The buses are all air-conditioned and have on board toilet facilities and Wi-Fi (in most of them), to the make the journey more comfy.

So now you know another way to save some money if you want to travel. And if you come on a journey Toulouse – Barcelona and you are looking for a good quality accommodation and with good prices, you can book a room at Melon District … you’ll love it!

Visit the website megabus.com

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