October 21, 2013

Do you celebrate Halloween or the All Saints Eve?

Coming soon will be a holiday that formerly was celebrated only in the Alglophone countries such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, etc… but nowadays this holiday is also celebrated in many other countries. We are talking about Halloween.

Halloween is a contraction of “All Hallow’s Eve” which refers to the eve of All Saints. According to many scholars this tradition arrived to the USA through the Irish immigrants who introduced their traditions and customs. The feast was originated in the Celtic tradition, where the night of October 31st was kind of a New Year’s Eve for them; it marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the ‘darker half’ of the year. Over the years and centuries and the big industry of marketing, Halloween had been transformed into a quasi-pagan feast night where costumes, terror and ornaments predominate above the original meaning of the holiday’s eve All Saints.

Halloween has been spread all over the world, but one of the countries that still keep its folk traditions is Mexico. There the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, is a day where they mix a festivity with their traditions and respect for their ancestors.

Here in Spain, Halloween was unknown in our culture and customs; it was until the success of the film “Halloween” directed by John Carpenter in 1978 when it became popular. Catalonia for example, still has a tradition of eating chestnuts on the eve of All Saints, as well as sweet potatoes, candied fruit and “panellets”.

And you, how do you celebrate this day?

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