June 1, 2014

August in Barcelona? take a tour in Gracia’s neighborhood

Every year the district of Gràcia celebrates during one week its festivities throughout all the streets and squares of the neighborhood. Concerts, workshops, parades, shows, theatre and fireworks to end the party are some of the activities that you’ll find in this festivity.

The celebration of this neighborhood is the most famous and prominent among all the other ones that take place in Barcelona, due to the thousands of locals and tourists come to visit it, even people from towns out of Barcelona.

One of the things that distinguish this festival is that every year all the neighbors decorate the streets in a very original and unique way each time. For months before the celebration, the neighbors work hard on this original and colorful scenery that will create a unique atmosphere to all the length and width of the streets.

During the week of 15th to 21st August, you can not miss this traditional celebration of one of the most artistic districts of Barcelona. And if you need to find a hotel, or a youth hostel in the city, we suggest you to go to Melon District’s web page so that you can know the accommodation offers that we have for your stay wit a good quality price relation.

Source: www.melondistrict.com/en/

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