August 8, 2014

Fairytale-like place in Barcelona

Septiembre Barcelona 169

Grab a coffee, or eat a rich dessert at a fairytale-like place in Barcelona

This place was discovered by one of our residents of Melon District Marina, who told us this story:

A few months ago I discovered a cafe called Pudding at Calle Pau Claris, 90. I was killing time before an interview and decided to go to have a coffee at the first place I saw. Turns out I found myself in the book Alice in Wonderland! The decoration on the top floor was very unique, the ground floor was amazing, the chairs, the walls, the tables… it reminded me of my childhood. They sell delicious types of cakes, all types of breakfast, coffee, and juice… but what impressed me the most is the décor.

Once I wanted to go there on a Saturday night with a friend because I wanted to show him, but it was all booked that night.

We love discovering unique places in Barcelona!

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